our mission



Aerosmith guitarist Joe Perry once said, "Let the music do the talking." And at Velvet + Vinyl, we believe the same goes for style. 

The inception of V+V boils down to a powerful revelation that embracing your truest passions empowers audacious, unapologetic self-expression. When we come in to ourselves and discover who we are, we bring it to the surface and it needs no explanation. 

Our sense of self-expression is inspired by styles, songs and stories that resonate with us. It's our life experiences—our most played records, favored role models, favorite books, chosen colors, preferred textiles, admired artists, vintage finds and inherited accessories—it's these micro-details that translate as the puzzle pieces that make up who we are. This is the very heartbeat of what we do at Velvet + Vinyl. We explore style and music through a creative lens and extract a sense of meaning that brings purpose and relevance to the conversations that matter most to the modern woman. 

Our little corner of the Internet serves as a place for women to be allies for each other—where we can build each other up and celebrate the things make us unabashedly and unapologetically beautiful... where we can lean in to conversations that matter the most to us.

This blog is our love letter to women seeking a community that exudes authenticity, confidence, and a little bit of sassy, badass spunk. Because like Courtney Love, we are not just women, we are a complete and total force of nature. 



The Velvet + Vinyl Girl Gang